Bluewater Holdings Group exclusively provides advisory services and manages various forms of investment entities within the following industries:

Real Estate, Infrastructure, Oil & Gas, Energy & Power, Renewable & Alternative Energy


Our strategy stresses investment in fundamentally sound assets with the potential for substantial value appreciation and increased top-line and bottom-line operating performance. We seek investments that yield an internal rate of return commensurate with the risk undertaken based on a five-year investment horizon.


Bluewater Holdings Group capitalizes on its experience and expertise in consulting, developing, repositioning, renovating and operating assets by selecting unique opportunities presented by the current economic and industry conditions in targeted markets.

Global Markets

By applying our combined power of global capital markets experience and international business development proficiency, our team delivers customized solutions that focus on achieving your company’s goals.


Bluewater Holdings’ incorporates a structure wherein our affiliated companies, PR Hospitality Group LLC and Tuscanny Builders LLC came together in a Joint Venture to form an unparalleled asset management and consulting company.