Corporate Strategy & Principles


BLUEWATER HOLDINGS GROUP, LLC is a consulting and asset management firm. This means that our sole focus is on identifying, consulting, developing and managing hard operating assets. We are not a United States Securities or Commodities Dealer/Broker, nor do we serve as an authorized investment advisor. Our focus is strictly on consulting, management and sale of operating assets.

BWHG’s focus is on absolute return. Our Blended Long/Short term Balanced Program emphasizes actively managing assets under the following strategy classifications …

1. Equity Hedge
2. Event Driven
3. Macro
4. Value-Add.

Equity Hedge Strategy:  We weigh varying levels of net exposure and leverage being employed, holding period, exit strategies, concentrations of market capitalizations and valuation ranges of typical asset portfolios.

Event Driven Strategy:  We look to maintain positions in companies currently or prospectively involved in corporate transactions of a wide variety, including, but not limited to, mergers, restructurings, financial or managerial distress, tender offers, shifts in market demands and other capital structure adjustments.

Macro Strategy:  With this strategy, we employ a variety of techniques, both discretionary and systematic analysis, combinations of top down and bottom up evaluations, quantitative and fundamental approaches and long and short-term holding periods.

Value Add Strategy:  Our team executes clear, objective acquisition criteria that incorporate, in part, management strategy, operations, “integratability” and financial performance considerations when evaluating candidate projects. We consider all of the critical issues that can impact a candidate project’s ability to achieve optimal Internal Rates of Returns and other investment benchmarks.


BLUEWATER HOLDINGS GROUP, LLC core investment philosophy is focused on providing advisory services, operating, and developing assets over multiple markets and industries. Our strategy stresses investment in fundamentally sound assets with the potential for substantial value appreciation and increased top-line and bottom-line operating performance. We seek investments that will yield an internal rate of return commensurate with the risk undertaken based on a five-year investment horizon.


BLUEWATER HOLDINGS GROUP, LLC capitalizes on its experience and expertise in consulting, developing, repositioning, renovating and operating assets by selecting unique opportunities presented by the current economic and industry conditions in targeted markets. Timing investment opportunities is a critical driver for our company. In addition, we enhance the financial performance of our assets through the deployment of systematic marketing plans that uniquely position each asset within its respective market, and, management plans designed to increase net operating income and investment returns.

This provides our investors with special opportunities so they can take advantage of the 2008 global financial decline.