Turning Opportunity into Profit

BLUEWATER HOLDINGS GROUP, LLC (“BWH”) is a holding company created to exclusively provide advisory services and manage various forms of investment entities within the real estate, infrastructure, oil & gasconventional energy/power and renewable/alternative energy industries. Our company was created in response to investment opportunities within these industries; with a focus on underperforming and opportunistic assets which assures we maintain strong IRR’s and ROI’s for our investors. More specifically, our focus is to identify assets that reflect a diverse portfolio of long-term and short-term holds, turnarounds and cash-flowing opportunities.

Bluewater Holdings’ organizational formation incorporates a structure wherein our affiliated companies, PR Hospitality Group, LLC and Tuscanny Builders, LLC came together in a Joint Venture to form an unparalleled asset management company.

PR Hospitality Group (“PRH”) is a highly specialized asset management group based in Atlanta, Georgia.

Tuscanny Builders (“TB”) is a premier development company with over 25 years of serving the United States, Middle East, South America and Africa.

BWHG is comprised of three companies who are leaders within their respective industries. By doing so, we have clearly separated ourselves from all other asset management companies. Each of BWHG’s affiliated companies brings their unique set of industry relationships, resources and experience to our holding company. The result is the formation of Bluewater Holdings Group. Our company is arguably the only company of its kind to have combined three of the asset management industry’s primary markets … exemplary asset management, international capital sourcing and business advisory services and a global leader in asset development. This exceptional competitive advantage allows BWH to seek out, provide advisory services and manage assets that present exceptional opportunities. In doing so, we have access to resources which have current performance characteristics that allow us to meet our preferred return requirements.

BWHG executes programs that present opportunity in a manner that is sustainable and works toward ever increasing operating efficiencies, and investment returns for our investors.  We are a holding company comprised of individuals and companies embracing opportunity through the joint execution BWHG’s goals and objectives. To achieve these ends, we have assembled an excellent team of executives supported by directors, advisors, executives and managers, each accomplished in their respective careers and business enterprises. We are a company that embraces opportunity through the execution of its goals and objectives. The company’s asset portfolio is achieved through capital raises and joint ventures. Our philosophy is to conduct win-win transactions with asset owners and management companies.

BWH’s Business Model is designed to take advantage of the economic downturn in 2008 and reposition those assets so they reach their peak performance in today’s market cycle. The forecasted investment returns are geared for investors seeking current dividends and capital appreciation under a conservative capital structure for both the Company and the individual Properties. Our advantage is that we are able to provide our investors special opportunities that have resulted from the 2008 global financial decline.

Therefore, we are pleased to submit this overview snapshot to further outline the purpose of the attached document which delineates our desire to forge a new relationship in the lending community and negotiate reactionary funds when desired. Hence, BWHG is seeking an Investing Partner that is financially capable of supporting BWHG’s anticipated growth, and who shares our passion to capitalize on a very strong opportunistic setting within the real estate, infrastructure, oil & gasconventional energy/power and renewable/alternative energy marketplace. Our objective under this Joint Venture Partnership is to establish a long-term, mutually beneficial relationship equipped to take advantage of our strategic relationships with both private and institutional sellers.

We hope that you determine our plans have an appropriate fit with yours.

We appreciate your interest in our Company and stand ready to turn opportunity into profit for you!

Please call or email us for any additional information that you may require.


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Bassam Gorgis Phil Riley
Chairman President & Chief Operating Officer


We are dedicated to empowering our investors by providing a consistent focus on exceptional management, superior investment strategies and results-oriented solutions. We maintain an unwavering commitment to serving as our investors’ trusted financial compass.