PR Hospitality Group, LLC

PR Hospitality Group, LLC is an asset management company that provides a unique approach to the Hospitality Industry and is headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia.

PR Hospitality Group was founded in response to a disturbing trend that witnessed firms ignoring the needs of ownership to properly train personnel, maintain assets, or sustain customer service levels. We view each and every property as an individual entity with unique opportunities and challenges

Whether it’s developing new hotels, updating existing properties, or initiating new management systems, PR Hospitality Group has the experience, the resources and the vision to not only continue in success, but to thrive in the ever changing world of Hospitality.


Acquisition Due Diligence

• Evaluation of Offering Packages
• Property and Management Assessment
• Deal Structuring
• Risk Analysis
• Investment Modeling

Affiliation Analysis

• Suitability
• Chain Service
• Technology Systems, Reservation Systems
• Sales and Marketing support
• Negotiation of Franchise Agreements

Asset Administration

• Analysis and Reporting
• Debt and Equity Distributions
• Cash Management
• Budget Oversight

Construction Oversight

• Design Review and Architectural
• Bid, Draw and Funding Responsibilities
• Time and Budget Controls

Disposition Management

• Evaluation of Various Exit Strategies
• Principal-to-Principal Relationships

Loan Administration

• Coverage Ratio Analysis
• Market Performance Analysis
• Risk Analysis
• Loan Covenant Review / Compliance


• Expert testimony
• Consultation

Management Company Analysis

• Evaluation of Management Companies
• Management Contract Compliance
• Negotiation of Key Terms and Conditions

Monitoring Performance

• Market Positioning
• Market Penetration
• Finance Performance (Occupancy, ADR, Revenue, GOP, Cash Flow)

Market Analysis

• Competitive Supply
• Demand Sources
• Economic Environment (airport expansion, cargo)
• Product Evaluation (location, facilities, amenities & quality)

Operations and Management Evaluation

• Historical Performance (3 yrs Revenue, GOP, House Profit)
• Operator Strengths and Weaknesses
• Profitability Enhancements
• Operators Corporate Support

Owner Investment Criteria

• Size of Investment
• Holding Period
• Income Return Hurdle Rate
• Appreciation Return
• Risk

Physical Plan Evaluation

• Building (age, surroundings, parking)
• Furniture, Fixtures and equipment (renovation & cope)
• Mechanical Systems
• Life Safety
• ADA Compliance

Principal Services Provided

• Mezzanine Financing
• First Mortgage Financing
• Equity

Asset Positioning Within Investment Cycle

• Age of Asset
• Market Conditions
• Investment Climate
• Financing Market
• Portfolio Strategy