Real Estate

At BLUEWATER HOLDINGS, LLC, we pursue a diverse portfolio that consists of the following property types:

• Hospitality
— Hotels (Limited Service & Full Service)
— Resorts
— Casinos
• Office Buildings
• Retail Buildings
• Shopping Malls / Centers
• Multi-Family Housing
• Senior Housing / Long Term Care Facilities
• Large Residential Developments
• Industrial / Flex Space

When evaluating property types, we look to the following investment classifications:

Core, or Core-Institutional: These assets are the highest-grade real estate asset. They are easier to finance, and generally command the lowest Capitalization Rates.

Core-Plus: A Core-Plus asset is an asset which is also high quality, yet one which represents to an investor the opportunity to increase the asset’s investment yield through some event.

Non-Core: These assets generally fall into the “B” category. An example might be a “C” asset in an ”A” location, or even a Class A asset located in a secondary (“B location”) or tertiary market.

Value-Add: Assets which fall into this class are those where a buyer has an opportunity to acquire an asset, and add significant value through a major event.

Opportunistic, Distressed: These assets represent the potential for taking a large upside position in the property. An example could be a bank foreclosure or an asset whereby the seller is in financial difficulty.

Development, Redevelopment: These types of assets represent those whereby a buyer could acquire an asset which would benefit from a higher and better use. They can either be ground up development, or a redevelopment of an existing site.

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