1. Alternative Energy

Alternative Energy

Hydro Plant | Wind Power | Solar and Magnetic Generation | Recycling

Alternative energy is that which is produced without the
undesirable consequences of the burning of fossil fuels. That being said, it is an emerging industry which we feel has tremendous upside.

At BLUEWATER HOLDINGS GROUP, LLC, we look for opportunities within the following Alternative Energy Industries:

  • Wind & Solar power generation.
  • Hydro power generator
  • Green hydrogen to power
  • Magnetic power generation
  • Waste to energy
  • Green ammonia to power

Bluewater has years of experience in the Renewable and Alternative Energy Industry. Starting with NASA and General Motors, back in the sixties, developing the first electric car and having their Batteries on the first Apollo Moon Mission. Jointly we developed and produced, the first none platinum based Alkaline Fuel Cell and the first low temperature Ammonia Cracker that produces Hydrogen. Bluewater markets and sells Energy Systems (“Systems”) that incorporate the Products as components. The Products and Components are comprised of Alkaline Fuel Cells (“AFC”), Lead Cobalt Batteries (“LCB”), and Ammonia Crackers (“AC”) for converting anhydrous ammonia to Hydrogen. We have developed and produced and field-tested these Products. Particularly, the Alkaline Fuel Cells has been successfully tested and demonstrated at the Technical University of Graz (TUG) in Austria. Hydrogen is produced by the Ammonia Cracker on demand. This design avoids the need to store or transport substantial amounts of hydrogen and uses the rechargeable Lead Cobalt Battery in parallel to address peak power performance requirements and restarting delays. By coupling this fuel cell with (I) an advanced, lightweight, rechargeable, patent-protected Lead Cobalt Battery. We have patented the Ammonia Cracker to produce hydrogen as fuel for the AFC; and other “balance of plant “components. The Company has been able to create energy systems comprised of the Power Plant (“PP”) and an Electric Propulsion System (“PS”) that are significantly ahead of the competition. In each System, the fuel cell keeps the battery always charged, making it unnecessary to recharge the battery in the traditional way.

In addition, Bluewater is Collaborating to produce and market Hydrogen production without the heavy use of fossil fuels Hydrogen holds the key to energy independence. Hydrogen is poised to replace the current system with a distributed power generation model. The hydrogen economy has been waiting for innovation like this. Along that trajectory, Bluewater Holdings Group stands ready to provide clean hydrogen on-site, where it is needed, in a carbon-neutral manner. This complex is used to produce 99.995% pure hydrogen gas on-demand without the release of greenhouse gas emissions, changes in atmospheric pressure or temperature, and eliminates the need to filter the hydrogen before use in a fuel cell. Advantages of the Photo-biocatalytic Hydrogen (BPH) system compared to existing hydrogen gas generating methods include:

• Produces hydrogen on-site. No need for trucks to deliver hydrogen fuel.

• Produces hydrogen on-demand. Turn off gas production when it is not needed.

• Produces only 99.995% pure hydrogen. No harmful by-products. No post-production filtering required before use. No emissions.

• It does not require the use of fossil fuels.

• It uses earth abundant and scalable materials. No platinum, titanium oxide, or other rare and expensive materials are used in the system.

• Operates at ambient temperatures and pressures.

• Is scalable and stable. It has the potential to produce hydrogen for months without servicing the system

The next decades are expected to be among the most transformative the energy sector has ever seen when the world is moving away from fossil fuels. As power from solar and wind is highly volatile and does not always match the energy demand, hydrogen – produced from these green energy sources – can be used as an energy storage solution. The subsequent combustion of hydrogen results in zero carbon emissions. Gas turbines provide in themselves renewable power when running on hydrogen, or any other fossil-free fuel like e-fuels (i.e. e-methanol, e-diesel, e-methane) or bio-fuels (i.e. bio-methanol, ethanol, or bio-diesel).

Depending on the size of the plant we can produce electricity to power more than 120,000 homes, 24 hours, 7 days a week, and 365 days (about 12 months) per year, life expectancy of each plant is greater than 50 years. With this low-cost renewable electricity, we can produce low-cost Hydrogen for our fuel Cell as well as clean water for undeveloped countries.

Our system is an anywhere anytime non-intermittent electric power generating system 24 hour / 365 days a year without interruptions. Key Attributes of the systems.

• Not Wind or Sun dependent (and it is not perpetual motion. It does not alter the first and second laws Of thermos -dynamic’s ) It is an external source of energy like steam.

• Requires no invertor or large battery banks for energy storage.

• Requires no fossil fuels or dangerous chemicals to run.

• Environmentally safe; Reduces carbon foot print and is safe for animals.

• Virtually no noise.

• 1MW can be commissioned and installed in 2 hours to the end user switch gear box.

• Can be individually installed adjacent to homes, commercial or industry facilities.

• Vertical or horizontally applications and occupies a small footprint about the size of a car.

• Affordable to any homeowner, commercial or industry.

• Cost to run a 12KW is $10 per month of nitrogen gas and for a 3KW less than $2 a month for poor countries around the world. And under $4K a month to run a 1MW machine application which is under $48K per year. Compared to a Natural Gas operated 1MW unit would cost between $500K to $700K.

• Robust construction corrosion proof, carbon fiber, aluminum and fiber glass.

• Perform in extreme environments, remotely monitored software with analog switch to prevent cyber hacking.

• Aesthetically & architecturally pleasing, few moving parts.

• Maintain base and peak electrical loads at all times providing complete independence from the electrical grid giving a high return on investment.

For more information, please contact us at Info@BluewaterHoldingsLLC.com

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