1. Hudge Funds

Relationship with large Hedge Funds and Banks

A Hedge Fund is a private pool of capital activity managed by an investment advisor. They are only open for investment to a limited number of accredited or qualified investors who meet criteria set by regulators. These investors can be institutions, such as pension funds, university endowments and foundations, or high net worth individuals. Hedge Funds are distinct from mutual funds and other investment styled accounts because they are not regulated by the SEC and are therefore unable to market themselves. This is both good and bad. It’s good because they can undertake a broader range of investment activity. This is bad because it tends to make them mysterious in nature.

BLUEWATER HOLDINGS GROUP, LLC has relationships with certain Hedge Funds and can work with our investing partners to secure the appropriate capital needed from these investors.

We select Hedge Funds to work with who share our same investment strategy:  

  1. Equity Hedge
  2. Event Driven 
  3. Macro and 
  4. Value Add.

Our Hedge Fund relationships are within the following industries:

• Real Estate
• Energy
• Oil & Gas
• Infrastructure


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