1. Real Estate

Real Estate

At BLUEWATER HOLDINGS, LLC, we pursue a diverse portfolio that consists of the following property types:

• Hospitality
— Hotels (Limited Service & Full Service)
— Resorts
— Casinos
• Office Buildings
• Retail Buildings
• Shopping Malls / Centers
• Multi-Family Housing
• Senior Housing / Long Term Care Facilities
• Large Residential Developments
• Industrial / Flex Space

When evaluating property types, we look to the following investment classifications:

Core, or Core-Institutional:

These assets are the highest-grade real estate asset. They are easier to finance, and generally command the lowest Capitalization Rates.


A Core-Plus asset is an asset which is also high quality, yet one which represents to an investor the opportunity to increase the asset’s investment yield through some event.


These assets generally fall into the “B” category. An example might be a “C” asset in an ”A” location, or even a Class A asset located in a secondary (“B location”) or tertiary market.


Assets which fall into this class are those where a buyer has an opportunity to acquire an asset, and add significant value through a major event.

Opportunistic, Distressed:

These assets represent the potential for taking a large upside position in the property. An example could be a bank foreclosure or an asset whereby the seller is in financial difficulty.

Development, Redevelopment:

These types of assets represent those whereby a buyer could acquire an asset, which would benefit from a higher and better use. They can either be ground up development, or a redevelopment of an existing site.

For more information, please contact us at Info@BluewaterHoldingsLLC.com

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