1. Conventional Power

Conventional Power

A most common way to generate electricity throughout the world is with high temperature and pressure steam from boiling water. Many different fuels can be burned to heat the water including wood, coal, oil and natural gas.

At BLUEWATER HOLDINGS GROUP,, LLC, we look for opportunities within the following Conventional Power divisions:

Power Generation

— With our abundant water, coal and natural gas resources, it is natural that our focus is on the following segments:
— Hydroelectric
— Thermal
— Coal
— Gas

Power Plants

— Thermal Power Plants
— Hydro Power Plants
— Distribution Pipelines

Bluewater is involved in the marketing, financing, and the installation of several types of conventional power generation. They are as follows:

— Concentrated Solar Power
— Fossil Fuel
— Photovoltaics
— Wind Turbines
— Biomass

Bluewater works with large manufacturing and OEMs companies to finance, market, and install High-Efficiency Gas Turbines. This technology plays a growing role in the Energy Transition The latest high-efficiency gas turbines aren’t just more economical than ever—they’re also flexible enough to partner perfectly with renewables. They’ve designed turbines to ensure that combined-cycle gas turbine (CCGTs) and open-cycle gas turbine (OCGT) power plants can accommodate the varieties of variable renewables

Because wind and solar power are variable—conventional generation sources are still needed for when the wind isn’t blowing and the sun isn’t shining. These complementary sources need to be dispatchable, meaning they have to be available when called on to run. Keeping a large electricity network resilient is much more complex than just supplying sufficient energy. Voltage and frequency need to be kept within narrow tolerances. This requires the management of reactive power as well as active power. Bluewater has joint ventured with large manufacturers and OEMs to provide a smart way of solving environmental and economic challenges

The global climate change calls for new and more ecofriendly methods of power generation. At the same time, each power plant investment must pay itself off within a certain period of time. Using the enormous power of water – one of mankind’s oldest ideas for power conversion – can combine both ecofriendly and economic power generation. State-of-the-art, small hydropower plant technology from Siemens Energy helps to unleash this potential and enables a climate-neutral power generation to invest and operate competitively.

— Water to wire solutions for small hydro power plants

— Customized design and engineering according to individual needs

— Modernization and service of existing plants with minimized production losses

— Local support, maintenance, and service for highest availability

— Highest degree of operational safety and efficiency for even the smallest plants

— Digital solutions for the optimization of your plant/fleet e.g. by using Digital Twins

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