1. Security

Technological Security

BLUEWATER HOLDINGS GROUP, LLC has the ability to provide you with Millimeter Wave Technology that can respond to threats by identifying raw materials, earlier than the incident, at a greater distance from the target to prevent the loss of life and property. Usually, someone can only respond to an incident after the damage is done. Response teams try to minimize the damage, and later, learn from the incident as best they can. Today’s biggest limitation of law enforcement is not having real-time knowledge of threats as they happen. There are far too many steps and moving pieces that must synthesize to detect random threats. This is where machines that learn and leverage Millimeter Wave Technology are extremely important. In the first few milliseconds, the AI confirms the presence of a harmful material, and pings the target thousands of times in the next fraction of a second, up to a million times a second, to make sure we have a statistically significant sample.Once a preset threshold is reached, the AI system can alert multiple law enforcement agencies locally, nationally, or around the globe, and simultaneously distribute photos, videos, maps, faxes, emails, voice calls, and text messages, document the incident, triangulate the direction, and execute thousands of learned tactical responses in the next few seconds.Our system can dramatically reduce your security force’s response time, identify threats before they become incidents, and automate critical communication between teams.

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