1. Import / Export

Import / Export

BLUEWATER HOLDINGS GROUP, LLC based in Atlanta, GA with offices throughout the Middle East, African, Far East, Europe and distribution centers throughout those countries. Our focus is to provide the procuring and distribution of the highest quality products and supplies at Competitor prices. Within our line of products you will find everything you need from industrial equipment and supplies, steel products including Railway rails, 55 gal drums and barrels, Commodities including Oi and all Oil products. Gold, Silver, Copper, Urea, Sugar, ORE, DAP, phosphate, Soya Bean, Building Material, Defense Military Products, and safety at the best market pricing, Services and many other Petrochemical Products. PPE Medical Supplies (Nitrile Exam Gloves Powder Free, Face Masks & Respirator, Face Shields, etc. State of the art Medical Equipment and wound treatment technology.

For more information, please contact us at Info@BluewaterHoldingsLLC.com

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