1. Shipyard

Building, Shipyard with Maintenance Center & Ports

Currently, the World demands more ship yards to be built specifically in the Middle East And Africa which has no MAJOR shipbuilding yards or maintenance centers suitable for world-class international customer use specializing in autonomous and eco ship construction. The location advantage to domestic & international customers will incentivize them to use this facility to save them time & money. A world-class shipyard is long overdue and will be much in demand.

• Our Sales Strategy

Fully Contract our Production Capacity under Long-Term Agreements. Secured by New Build and other Contracts, the project’s security of tenure and a scope of activities guarantees enough repair customers to provide the robust cash flows necessary to meet financial obligations producing major revenues and excellent returns for our investors. The use of full automation and disruptive technologies will enable it to be Cost Competitive with a Technological Edge over its competitors so that it can win and retain a strong customer base.

• Profit Margin

Our Business Model allows for Healthy and Robust Profit margins in the range of 22 to 30+% after a 3 to 5-year ramp-up. The life of the facility with upgrades & maintenance can exceed 75 years Ports Building.

• Technology

is revolutionizing ports, introducing remote-control cranes, self-driving trucks and other innovative systems to speed up loading and unloading of vessels.

Working with IBM and Cisco, port authorities are creating a new digital dashboard to replace traditional radio and radar communications between captains, harbor pilots and terminal operators. The system will use a complex array of internet of things (IoT) sensors to collect data around tidal streams, wind strength and visibility, helping to reduce vessel waiting times and automatically guiding the crewless ships into berth. It is estimated that using this real-time information could save operators as much as $80,000 each time they dock a vessel. It’s all about speeding things up and meeting the demand from online consumers, who now expect next-day delivery.

For more information, please contact us at Info@BluewaterHoldingsLLC.com

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